When it’s Valentine’s Day — but your heart hurts

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful celebration of love. But for so many, it’s one of the saddest days of the year.

So, if your heart is heavy and you’re mourning the loss of a love or wondering if your Valentine will ever arrive. Don’t forget—you have a Heavenly Father who fights for YOU, delights in YOU, doesn’t rebuke YOU, and rejoices over YOU with singing.

The One who created every cell in your body and counts the number of hairs on your head. . . sees you, treasures you, and loves you.

He even keeps track of your sorrows and collects all your tears in His bottle. (Psalm 58:8)

Truly—there’s no better love in the entire world than this!

Friend, today, just relax and rest in His love for you because our God thinks you’re pretty spectacular.

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